Why Children NEED Our Protection


Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) in the Classroom leads to:

  • Innocence is being robbed as children are exposed to pornographic and obscene materials.

  • STD/HIV and Pregnancy/Abortions on the rise.

  • Substance use and sexual risk behaviors in youth share common underlying factors, and both are rapidly rising among our youth...

  • Teacher arrests on the rise due to inappropriate student relations.

  • Vulnerable children are desensitized and groomed for sex trafficking.

  • Quality of education decreasing with under 40% of 4th graders reading at or above grade level.


To protect the health and innocence of children and the fundamental rights of parents to direct the quality, academic education, healthcare, and upbringing of their children.




  • To advocate for laws and policies that will protect children's right to quality education free of inappropriate, non-academic materials and instruction.

  • To insist on the enforcement of the many sex crimes laws that are violated


  • To expose the harmful nature of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), gender ideology, pornographic and obscene materials, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and prevent any such materials, programs, or ideologies from being distributed, implemented or promoted in schools.



  • To inform and mobilize concerned citizens including parents, grandparents, teachers, young people, policymakers, government officials, and business, religious, and community leaders to protect our children.

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        SafeEd K-12 is an Action and Results Driven Task Force...              This is How We are Changing the Character of Education in Florida   

1. We compiled a task force of 30 parents, grandparents, teachers, attorneys, professionals, veterans, and everyday citizens

2. We evaluated all sex-ed courses and identified 15 Harmful Elements

3. We matched the harmful elements to violations of local, stated and federal laws

4. We spent over a year compiling information into a comprehensive report of our disturbing findings as well as a PowerPoint Presentation  5. We submitted our completed work to Richard Corcoran, FL. Commissioner of Education, Gov. DeSantis, and all 67 school superintendents   

This Is How SafeEd K-12 Is Returning Academics To The Classroom

We are bringing awareness to the travesty of Comprehensive Sex Education and Critical Race Theory by speaking and making presentations at church groups, community organizations, conservative and political organizations,  conferences etc., across the state of Florida and states across the country.  From these outreach opportunities we are blessed to have recruited key people in each county to help with attending school board meetings, write letters, emails and articles for social media and letters to the editors.

This Is How SafeEd K-12 Is Affecting Long Term Change

We have put out a statewide call for school board candidates who must be conservative in nature, committed to academics as their priority, and are very excited to have received responses from over twenty five exciting candidates. Currently these candidates are attending candidate training being facilitated by FreedomWorks. 


Following this training, they will be put through intensive workshops on what it takes to be an effective school board member, understanding of the issues and how to verbalize their massaging in preparation for grassroot campaigning.  One of the critical components of a good candidate is knowledge of budgeting and finance. 


As we close in on their training, we will pursue funding for their campaign. Unfortunately, donations to school

board candidates is very low on most donor's priority lists. Considering the school board members decisions can

have devastating and often permanent affects on a students ability to learn, we feel strongly that funding must

be made available to help a qualified candidate get their message out to the public in order to get across the finish

line successfully.


                                                                   We are blessed to partner with Save Florida Schools to help provide that funding for our                                                                                   candidates that show promise and potential to be a blessing to the students of their district.