Are You a But... Kicker?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

If you are a But... Kicker and ready to stop complaining and making excuses about decisions made concerning your children's education, you need to contact us immediately!

Through our School Board Excellence, we are prepared to declare war on school board members all across the state of Florida who are approving Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex Education by:

  • Ensuring that all students receive a quality academic education free from harmful distractions

  • Attending all school board meetings and workshops addressing the illegal and inappropriate materials and presentations exposed to students/children

  • Providing school leadership from the bottom up, the opportunity to remove illegal materials, videos, books, etc. from student access

  • Working with potential school board candidates to prepare and support them in their candidacy

  • Striving to return the classroom to an Academic Center of Learning

  • We are prepared to go the distance in removing porn, obscenity, race theory, and other distractions from Florida classrooms

This is just the beginning of what this life-changing program does for children and the entire community. If you would like additional information, please fill out the form below requesting information on our School Board Excellence Program and what you can do. Maybe, just maybe, you would be the perfect candidate to run against a liberal, social, emotional, anything goes board member. If you are, we need to talk!

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