I support IMMEDIATELY putting an end to the illegal public school sex education curriculum in Florida schools that are:

  • Against Federal, State and Local Laws which we parents expect to be upheld

  • Exposing Our Children to Pornographic & Obscene Materials

  • Robbing Children of Their Innocence

  • Reducing and Alienating Parental Authority


I would also like to support the SafeEdK-12 Task Force by:

  • Becoming a Member 

  • Making a Donation

  • I would like to assist in the efforts and volunteer my time

  • I can help sponsor a location on the SafeEd K-12 AWARENESS Tour

  • Please keep me informed of progress and upcoming events

  • Other (Please contact me!)

George Mason

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Our Most Significant  Founding Father being responsible in large part for:

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Constitution

  • Bill of Rights