Return To George Mason's America

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Freedom Speaks, Fighting for the Return to the True Republic 

In 1776 America set in motion a level of personal freedom and responsibility that quickly became a shining beacon on the hill that has stood the test of time for well over 200 years. However, we now face a critical state of chaos led by a debilitative and divisive movement that is tearing at the very fabric of our nation and indeed the entire planet earth.

Patriots are not sitting silently in the face of this attack on our nation's very heart and soul. Freedom Speaks is a coalition working with over 40 like-minded action-driven, independent organizations and individuals, representing more than 100,000 citizens who are dedicated to ensuring that America's core values, principles, and proud history are preserved.

Of utmost importance is ensuring that our founding documents are not tossed aside and replaced with ill-conceived Socialism, Communism, and/or Marxism. Along with our state, national partners and coalition members, we will not rest until our Republic has been restored and we are governed by competent, God fearing, and American loving leadership.

Freedom Speaks' Breaking News

Freedom Speaks' President, Bev Kilmer is a direct descendent of

George Mason, a major contributor to all three of our

nation's founding documents, the Constitution, Declaration

of Independence and of course, the Bill of Rights.

Bev will be hosting meetings throughout the country waking people up to the atrocities of the past

several decades, the people behind the lies and what can and is being done to rectify the treasonous

acts forced on "We the People" in order to destroy this great nation.  However, they did not count

on the love that we true Americans and most importantly  the Lord himself has for this great nation.

The main stream media has been lying to us for decades. The sad news is that our congress has

been even worse, and it is time for the truth to be told so that "We The People" can help President Trump, the Military, and the true Patriots who are in the know, reclaim our AMERICA! 

Our President, Donald John Trump needs the American Patriots to know the truth and stand with him in completing his plan to restore America to its Constitutional Republic. First you must know the 

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Are You Ready for Our NEW Republic and Her New President Trump?

  • President Trump told us that on January 1, 2021, the papers that were signed went into effect, the USA Inc. is now defunct and non-existent.  This was done and signed last year, 2020. We are now restored to the United States Republic.

  • We will soon be operating under the laws of NESARA/GESARA.

  • President Trump filed Bankruptcy on the old USA Corporation of the Act of 1871. USA INC. IS DEAD IN THE WATER.

  • The election cycle was necessary to have the democrats elect themselves to the office of their USA Inc.

  • There is no more USA Inc. It has no power. It is bankrupt.

  • Trump signed in Gesara, we are waiting for the official announcement. THE RULES OF GESARA require that there will be an election of the president and congress in 180 days.

  • The entire USA Inc and those elected to USA Inc are merely paper tigers not worth the paper they are written on.

  • The election for President was for president of USA Inc. It is defunct and all those people elected under it are also defunct. None of their laws or Executive Orders are legal. It is a sting operation.

  • Just think…, no pensions for all those bad actors. Their corporation is bankrupt. All the debt run up on the Federal Reserve and all the debt goes with the defunct corporation. That entity has zero power and all those actors are without power.

  • The new USA Republic is DEBT FREE!

  • It is over. It is unthinkable for them.

Protecting Children in the Classroom  

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Florida has NO mandate for sex education, yet schools are teaching: Masturbation, anal, oral, and vaginal sex. That is just for the beginning,  Elementary children are being taught that they are not boys or girls until they get older and then they decide their gender, and its not based on genitalia. Children are taught that the clitoris' only purpose is to provide pleasure, They  are taught that the vagina is 1 1/2 inches long and can stretch to receive a penis.

If this is horrifying,  you are not alone.  You should know that this is what is taking place behind  classroom doors, and we adults are responsible for protecting the children from pedophiles and sexual perverts wherever they may be found. Sex has no place in a reading class, math class, science, social studies, history, etc.

As for LGBTQ, that is pure racists, at a minimum. All students should be protected during all school hours. Identifying any specific group as more important to protect is against state and federal law and is not allowed in our public school system.


  • We are totally committed to educating the public on our nation's history as it really happened, provide documentation, and prepare Americans for what changes we can expect going forward.

    • True American History as it was and is.

    • What we Patriots can and should do to save the America that was left to us by our founders.

    • How to take action and be a part of true history moving forward.

    • Materials and documents verifying the actions and people who brought us to our current state of government.

    • Library of documents that will bring greater understanding of where we are and how we got here: documents, news articles, videos, etc.

    • Awareness campaign to eliminate the inappropriate and often illegal materials, videos, courses, etc. to students in K-12 public and private schools.

      • Report presented to the education commissioner, Gov. DeSantis, all 67 school district superintendents.​

      • PowerPoint presented to the commissioner.

      • Book- Rise and Fall of Sexism, Racism, and LGBTQ in America's Schools

      • Partnership with Save Our Schools in a Statewide program to flip school boards all across Florida.

Meet Our Team

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President and Founder Freedom Speaks/SafeEd K-12



 Development & Technology                                

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V.P. School Board Excellence

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Don Conwell

 Board Attorney

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Board of Directors

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Freedom Speaks and SafeEd K-12 Chaplain

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Kindom's Treasue Chest

Child Sexual Trauma Therapist

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Anthony Ponceti

Board Member Pastor