Facing Our Past to Prepare for Our Future

Enemies Both Foreign & Domestic


Teachers, Florida School Boards, others Facing Criminal Charges Related to Pornographic and Obscene Sex Education

Florida's Parents Are Ready to Fight Back Against Masks, CRT, and Inappropriate Sex Education

 I am very proud of parents all across Florida And a special Mayor in Hudson Ohio for taking a stand against rogue school boards.  All across America, school boards actually believe they have the authority to over ride the wishes of parents, and it's our fault. We have been lulled into believing that elected officials from the highest order, all the way down to our locally elected offices, including the mosquito control, etc. 


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We actually believe that when congress or state legislators pass bills that fly in the face of our Constitution, we complain about more of our rights being chipped away. We complain and go on with our sad sheep-like lives, because we continue to go along, expecting someone else to fix it, or we just accept our controlled existance. NO, NO, NO. that is not what God expects of us, it is not what our children expect of us, and it surely is not what our founding fathers expected of us. They left us a wonderful roadmap that if followed would serve us for centuries  and beyond. 

As for the school boards, we must not continue to act as though they have any control over us. This is the deal, Their job is to:

1. Attend school board meetings as if you are the CEO.

2. Ensure our children are in a safe, learning environment.

3. Choose and approve, along with the support and guidance of parents, appropriate learning materials.

4. Ensure that our children are academically educated and prepared for higher education, or for a successful career.

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Bev Kilmer

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